ØMI - You (Prod. SUGA of BTS) -Official Teaser 1-

ØMI - You (Prod. SUGA of BTS) -Official Teaser 1-

2021/10/12 20:00に公開 27秒
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1: BTS_ARAB_ARMY 2021/10/12 20:00
We are so excited!!
2: • Bakugou Katsuki 2021/10/12 20:50
La espero con ansias por ambos grandes artistas ØMI & SUGA
3: Angy Osornio 2021/10/12 21:23
Hermoso, todavía no sale pero sé que será arte. Suga y ØMI the best collaboration♡
4: Sher D 2021/10/12 21:04
I have been listening to a lot of OMI's music over the last few days and am addicted to them. I can't wait to hear what he and SUGA have come up with! So excited!!
5: luxi 2021/10/12 21:11
Si dice Prod. SUGA of BTS ya tienes asegurado que será un temazo y un total éxito.
6: hopeniki 2021/10/12 20:44
if suga has his fingers in the song it will of course be great but also consider the feelings of Ømi.
I think he also has a lot of trouble and deserves the suport. That would be sad if he sees that he is only recognized because of suga.
Army, we have to be understanding and also respect the works of others
7: Beomie RJღ 2021/10/13 1:54
Hiroomi tosaka tiene canciones muy hermosas y su voz es increíble, ahora que colaborara con yoongi tremendo arte que harán juntos ahhh que emoción, ya la quiero escuchar aww <3
8: OrangeTango 2021/10/12 21:16
Hi! As a ØMI fan, I get that you Army’s are excited for this collaboration, but please show some respect for ØMI as well. Please check out his previous work, plus his music with “The J soul brothers”. He’s a very good artist. Please don’t flood the comments too much with Suga and BTS related comments. We will like if you stream the song and appreciate his work as well. Thanks
9: Bangternally2 2021/10/12 20:49
Can't wait to listen to Min Yoongi's and OMI's masterpiece
10: Little taetae 2021/10/12 21:28
I hope OMI and Yoongi did their best in this song....
Also so excited for this masterpiece. Love you OMI and Yoongi ♡
11: Timbre 2021/10/12 22:45
12: aoi 2021/10/12 21:13
I'm looking forward to Omi's singing voice💜
13: Bangtan Domination 2021/10/12 20:50
14: ᴊᴏᴏɴɪᴇ sᴡᴇᴇᴛ 2021/10/12 20:38
Dios me puse a chillar a penas le di play, nah tremendo rolón que será ¡Estoy emocionada!
15: yui k 2021/10/12 21:13
omi is an AMAZING artist, I see ppl talking to check out yoongi’s music but can you guys check you omi’s music also :D
he’s part of j soul brother III (or 3jsb, aka the first ever boy group i stanned) which is not an idol group, but a dance focused group under the supergroup exile tribe (much bigger than nct LOL)
omi’s one of the two vocalists of the seven member group, and some others also have solo music despite not being vocalists too, which is amazing but let’s focus on omi
i suggest:
- colorblind
- diamond sunset
- blue sapphire (detective conan theme song!!)
for ppl who want to explore the group,
- ryusei (honestly a cultural reset, set dance trends and is SUCH a bop)
- eeny meeny miny moe
- sakura
- cosmos
- orion
- rat tat tat (the mv is so funny pls)
- movin on
- scarlet (one of my fav newer releases)
- senkouhanabi
they’re heavy on edm and have collabed w others like afrojack but they have a lot of ballads as well
really versatile just like bts
they’re also really popular to male fans as well, thanks to their dancing and charisma (they’re all extremely funny ppl w great personalities too)
counting on you army to blow this piece up, i know it’s gonna be a masterpiece
to 3jsb fans as well, bts’s music is AMAZING, suga is definitely one of the best idol producers i’ve seen and we are guaranteed an absolute bop
thank you to everyone who’s new here for checking it out, love you all <3
16: Pon! 2021/10/12 20:50
17: AOXO _AOXO 2021/10/13 7:40
Será una gran colaboración..... No crei cuando me entere de que ambos iban a hacer una colaboración estoy emocionada.... Hiroomiiiiiiii😀📣

Pdta: Hiroomi está sexi .... escuchen EGO
18: A 2021/10/12 23:53
Qué emoción, no puedo esperar a que salga, sé que estará increíble
19: Yeonki Min 2021/10/12 20:17
This is gonna be a soul-healing song for sure.
20: Tae_min 2021/10/12 23:18
21: 석지닝Lahari K 2021/10/12 20:43
I'm here as fan of Suga but I want to know about ØMI and I'm so excited for this collab :D
22: taemin gf 2021/10/12 22:08
estoy muy emocionada, orgullosa, todo junto
23: Yoongi's Queen 2021/10/12 23:07
Producer Suga never ever disappoints you ....he is a real genius

We are so excited
24: Rahaf 2021/10/12 20:27
very excited for this collab!! as a fan of SUGA, i recommend “Interlude: Shadow” and his mixtape “D-2”. i also recommend some of the songs he produced such as “We dont talk together” by Heize, “eight” by IU, “Wine” by SURAN, and “Eternal sunshine” by EPIK HIGH! i also listened to some of OMI’s work and i loved his recent EP, especially “colorblind” and “answer…shadow”. so i recommend those songs to people who are not familiar with OMI!

i hope we can support both artists wholeheartedly through this collaboration! 💜
25: Stream Art Stream BTS 2021/10/12 23:28
Tengo mucha expectativa de como será esta canción
Pero definitivamente será HERMOSA
26: Rameel Abbas 2021/10/12 22:04
Suga every work is filled with so much love whether it is a Collab or his solo song. This song will also be a masterpiece.
Support both the artists wholeheartedly not only Suga!!
27: Soo-Ah Zimzim 2021/10/13 2:16
I am a fan of both of hiroomi-san and yoongi. This is gonna be a masterpiece. Im so excited to see this collaboration✨
28: Escarlen nina 2021/10/13 1:12
Yoongi siempre hace y compone hermosas canciones y estoy segura que esta no sera la exepcion, ya lo estoy anticipando
29: Luisa Fernanda 2021/10/13 0:16
Ya quiero oir la obra maestra creada por nuestro productor estrella MIN YOONGI, sin duda es arte llegando
30: Tamires Teixeira 2021/10/12 20:47
Ansiosa por tanta qualidade. 💜🇧🇷
31: Rachel BJ 2021/10/12 21:40
Me encanta el sonido que escucho aww estoy segura que será una maravillosa canción 🥰🥰
32: Flory Quispe Mejia 2021/10/12 21:46
Estoy muy emocionada por escuchar la canción.
33: Genesis Balvis 2021/10/12 22:29
oh come on he is suga, obviously he will exceed my expectations ... he is the best without a doubt and I am very proud of both artists 🥺
34: Anika Elisse 2021/10/12 21:35
So proud of our Min SUGA! I listened to some songs of omi and his voice is amazing. so excited for YOU
35: Thị Ngọc Anh Trần 2021/10/12 22:16
I'm so excited, this has the same vibe as We don't talk together which means it will be a total bop
36: Suricata Min 2021/10/13 3:04
Aaah ya quiero escucharla, sé que va hacer una canción hermosa, esperando con muchas ansias <3
37: BTS_ARAB_ARMY 2021/10/12 20:00
we love you
38: 3JSB💙0312💙 2021/10/12 20:46
39: Victoria Shuguli 2021/10/13 4:03
Estoy super emocionada, solo se que será una increíble canción xq Min PD SUGA es un genio musical, no lo conocía a OMI pero ya escuché algunas de sus canciones y pues solo diré que desborda talento me encantó su voz, me gusta esta parte donde mi gatito colabora con artistas que no conozco, es bonito escucharlos y apreciar su talento 💜😄
40: myg hope 2021/10/12 22:30
We are really looking forward the Collab. Both great artists !!
41: Bertha Nathalia 2021/10/12 20:50
Omi!!! i can't wait to hear this, i love you and pls keep up the good work!

His name is Hiroomi Tosaka, he belongs to the group Sandaime J Soul Brothers. He born in 1987 and Omi is his stage name as soloist. Pls support him and this song! Also thank you Suga for producing this song!
42: Лариса Кис 2021/10/12 20:24
Min Suga is incredibly talented. His perception of the world and the expression of his emotions in his music is so special! I look forward to his every creation with impatience!
43: ルイキー 2021/10/12 21:00
44: siti safia 2021/10/12 21:35
I’m so excited to wait Omi next video❤️❤️❤️❤️ love Omi from Malaysia.. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Gudluck Omi , you’re always the best👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 LDH , J Soul Brothers, Exile Tribe ❤️❤️❤️❤️
45: Rrtygn Opnbu 2021/10/12 21:04
I'm sure we're all excited and can't wait that's great. Guys, since the teaser is short, what do you think we can make him break a record in a short time??

Proud of you suga<3~
46: Polar 2021/10/12 23:57
ØMI, el mejor. Ya quiero escuchar tu nueva canción ^^
47: jungkook's gf 2021/10/12 20:45
I'm so excited like I've legit been doing my modules even at night every day this week so I can be free on Friday for You Prod Suga & In the Soop S2 hashtag priorities. And also it's almost Jimin's birthday we're fully schedule this month, I'm so happy.
48: Sirmeexcuse 2021/10/13 0:52
Yoongi, estoy muy feliz por vos. Big men, big persons
Big heart to you and OMI😚
49: MARIA 2021/10/12 20:55
Excited to hear that the masterpiece Min Yoongi added his special magic touch to will be amazing without a doubt, basically Suga is the best at anything
50: Daniela Maigual 2021/10/13 5:47
Será una joya como todos los trabajos de Yoongi-shi💜💜🥰🥰